Permits giving you headaches? Post Covid permitting has caused a lot of permit delays, new software/permit policies and turnover within all jurisdictions. Navigating these new roads are hard for all. Let us help. We have years of permit experience nationwide.

We will manage your current expeditor to address unnecessary comments or design additions to your project and push to hit your timelines. We can also project realistic timelines, attend meetings and be the single point of contact for your team so there is little to worry about when it comes to permitting. We act as a team unit while still using the vendors that you trust. Don’t have an expeditor? No problem! We know several dependable permit expediting services and are confident we can pair you with the right one or handle it all for you.

Permit management

  • Manage chosen permit expeditor to coordinate submittal documents per prelim research, timelines and application signatures required until all permits are approved.
  • Coordinate expeditor to obtain all required permits.

Permit Expeditor Sub-Out service

  • Provide expeditor services as requested if outside expeditor or GC is used to obtain permits/submit permit documents.
  • Submit for all related permits per approved scope of work.
  • Track all comments and approvals until final sign off (this includes design revisions and operation items required).
  • Once all items are approved, send permit summary associated to all GC’s and installers involved for pick up.
  • Track all fees and file, as necessary.


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