Imagine a company who finds the best value for you, who helps with the tough jobs as well as the easy jobs. Imagine a company you can completely trust. Imagine a company who becomes your friend, your family, your partner. That is who we are at ICS…your trusted partner.





Our niche is Fuel, but let’s not stop there. At ICS, our staff specializes in vendor management, planning, coordinating, budgeting and executing projects from conception to completion. We give our Client’s the option to focus on the more important aspects of a project and leave the administrative items to us, streamlining the end goal of completing a project on time and within budget. From developing a scope to closing out a project, we are here to streamline your process!

Permit Services

Locality giving you heartburn during design or construction? Let us help you by performing a detailed Preliminary permit summary to help. Starting at a State level, we will make the needed calls and gather all high-level design and permit requirements that is anticipated for your scope of work so that you and your team have a good beginning idea on a solid timeline.


Over 20+ years of professional connections, in many industries, has allowed us to help connect Customers with vendors to fulfill various needs. From Facilities to New Construction, Fueling to Retail, Brand Management to A&E. If you have a project you are struggling to find a vendor for, or simply just have too many things on your plate to source, let ICS help you find a reputable vendor for your projects.



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